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Joystick Tool - working process:

The BIM 360 Joystick is a key feature inside of the BIM 360 "First Person" viewing tool.
Use the First Person tool when you want to navigate through a model as if you were actually inside the model.

In this task I was asked to plan and create a break down of the First Prson Joystick tool feature, as it would appear in the BIM 360 app (tablet only). 

So, what is this viewer tool is all about?

In the BIM 360 app you can actually take a close look at the blue-print, or building sheet, changing your view from flat-top-2D into a 3D-walk inside of the plan. Yes! So cool! :)
After you start a walkthrough, you can use the First Person option to navigate through a model

Within the Viewer, a host of options and tools are available that allow you to view and examine a design in detail. The options and tools depend on the type of file you open. 

The joystick asset is the key element of the first person feature. It allows the user to "walk throw" the building, inside of a 3D simulation of it.I was asked to plan this elements behavior on tablet, since we don't have the desktop app keyboard (well... the computers keyboard), and the only way to walk throw is using a joystick. 
Yep, just like playing a video game in your phone.
My main inspiration for this feature was tablet video games, one that are using a joystick to move around.


Joystick - feature overview and research: 

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