What is 3D Authoring Tool?

A 3D authoring tool is a canvas by which various media components (in this case - a 3D models (stl. files) are brought together, integrated into a structure and flow.
The Authoring Tool canvas that we've created includes features such as object manipulation, size and color edit, 3D print preparation and more.  


The Authoring Tool screens shown the conceptual idea of creating a clear and easy to use working space and canvas.
The tool was built as a "white label" app - so it could fit to a different companies and brands.
In order to allow that we had to think about a way to create a "neutral working environment", one that could be easily changed to a specific brand colors, fonts, etc.   


Creating a smart environment was also a great challenge.
Inspired by other graphic canvases (such as sketch) we've created the "elements tree" on the left side. 


The elements side bar shown the stl. files that are currently in use on the canvas.


You can add more files using the button on its bottom part, or see element info by clicking the icon.


In the file properties window one can change the display name, hide, duplicate and remove the file from the elements list.



Pop-up examples for file properties and *accessories control.

*Accessory = stl (or other 3D file) object, that can be attached to the main working object on the canvas.